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Wurtland Riverport

General merchandise port facility on the Ohio River

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  • Highly Competitive Land Prices

  • Stevedore Service Available

  • Marathon Marine Barge

  • Rail Access 

  • Industrial Park Nearby

  • Regional Airport within 2 miles


  • A regional industrial park is located near  the port, offering opportunity for the location of industries that could utilize port services.

  • Existing industries in the general area are potential customers  representing marketing opportunities.

  • Further development of port facilities is verbally supported on a regional basis by four counties.



The Greenup-Boyd County Riverport Authority (Greenup-Boyd) was established in 2001 by the legislative bodies of Greenup and Boyd Counties. The operating port facility is located on the Ohio River at river mile 332, on the left descending bank. The property is in the City of Wurtland (population 1,051 in 2006). Greenup and Boyd counties had a combined population of 86,745 in 2006.

The operating port facilities are located one mile from US-23, with access on a two-lane road through a sparsely populated area of the City of Wurtland. US-23 is a four-lane highway that offers access to Ashland, KY, to the southeast and Portsmouth, OH, (via bridge) to the northwest. The highway also connects with the Industrial Parkway (KY67), a north-south highway that connects with I-64, 14 miles south. I-64 provides access that could enable the port to serve industries in eastern Kentucky and West Virginia. At the intersection of KY-67 and I-64 is an existing 1,000-acre developed industrial park, EastPark, offering an excellent opportunity for the port to serve new industries that locate to the site..


Rail service at the port is provided by CSX, with Greenup-Boyd owning the rail within the port acreage and surrounding industrial park. The rail network within this industrial park area is new, having been installed and/or refurbished by Greenup-Boyd.

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